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Combat ID solutions that Protect Soldiers

Infrared Tools exists to minimize sleepless nights for loved ones back home.

The sacrifices that soldiers, along with their loved ones, make when they deploy are great. It is our goal to help them come home safely through:

Infrared Tools’ Primary Products are carefully engineered to improve the effectiveness of the military’s thermal imaging and night vision equipment.

We have three types of combat ID products. These are differentiated by the type of imaging technology used to view them.


We have the CaTTIS product which enables thermal weapon sight (TWS) users to zero their weapons accurately, cost effectively, and easily in all environments.

CaTTTIS I is our original 25 meter zero target which works in all environments and uses chemical heaters for a clear aim point.

Additional products which we have are as follows:

Combat ID Products

An effective “through the sight” combat ID solution must take into account the extent of night vision goggles (NVGs) and thermal imagers and our shift towards greater use of Thermal imagers. Because of this we have markers viewable with night vision goggles (NVG’s) only, thermal imagers only, and viewable with both technologies. Product families are as follows: