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Sand Storm Technology™ is exclusive technology developed by Infrared Tools™ .

Learn why our technology sets Infrared Tools™ Combat ID patches apart from the competition!

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How Hawk-i Markers™ Vehicle Identification Markers Work

Hawk-i Markers™ thermal vehicle identification markers use a little bit of rocket science to help Airborne Law Enforcement clearly identify vehicles through its thermal imager. But rocket science is not that hard to understand so read on! If you were on a rocket... read more

How to properly set up a No Power Target

No power thermal targets offer a lower cost, greener, and safer way to train, but you need to set them up properly to get the best results. The good news is that setting up No Power Tango Targets™ is fast and easy as1, 2, 3.   Position targets properly Consider... read more

6 Reasons to Use No Power Targets

The military has used thermal targets for years to help train with advanced weapon sights. The first targets were all “active.” They were heated up with flames and electricity and chemicals. More than once targets went up in flame. Oops. Then one fateful... read more

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