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Sand Storm Technology™ is exclusive technology developed by Infrared Tools™ .

Learn why our technology sets Infrared Tools™ Combat ID patches apart from the competition!

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New Look for Infrared Patches!

There has been a lot of buzz lately about an IFF patch that blends infrared technology with the durability and uniqueness of an embroidered patch. Introducing …Hybrid Patches and they look fantastic! Without sacrificing functionality for fashion, Infrared Tools™... read more

Stop the Chaos and Catch the Bad Guys!

A police officer told us recently that chasing and catching the bad guys in the dark is chaos. Coordinating operations from the helicopter to the police cars on the ground is extremely difficult. While some pursuits are successful, others fall short short of a... read more

One Stop for Thermal Weapon Target Training

Infrared Tools™ offers a comprehensive  No Power target portfolio for thermal sight users called Triple Threat Targets™.  CaTTIS™ targets are specifically made for zeroing weapon sights. Shadow Targets™ are low cost, pre-cut shapes. Tango Targets ™ are realistic high... read more
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