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What’s NEW in Thermal Films: SIGNUM

Something new in thermal films may seem like an oxymoron to some people. Thermal films were developed in the 1990s in response to the military’s training and and IFF (identification of friend and foe) needs. In one story, a soldier was tending an electrically heated target and shocked himself, demonstrating the need for a safer, non-powered target solution. Thermal films did not change much for nearly 20 years. And then came 2013 and innovation was reborn. One innovation that came out of the renaissance was IR Tools’ Signum film. Traditionally TIP panels were used for marking vehicles, landing zones, extraction points and more. The panels were generally laid flat on the surface, and were most easily observed from the air. These panels were made of one layer of fabric to give strength and one layer of film to give the thermal IR signature. This works well but can develop some bulk with the multiple layers. This bulk was exactly what inspired our SIGNUM no power thermal films. SIGNUM no power thermal films combine the strength of ripstop fabric with the thermal properties of traditional no power films into a single fabric. This new design greatly reduces the weight and volume of  thermal identification panels. SIGNUM Films are useful in any thermal identification application where weight and volume are an issue. For more information please contact me. You are welcome to comment on this blog, or you can reach me at 443.292.8885 and tboyer@infraredtools.com. I would be happy to connect with you through social media as well. The Author     Tom established Infrared Tools™ in 2006, working out of his home... read more

IR +PL (Photo-luminescent) Patches

IR Tools now has IR/Photoluminescent patches. The photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) film is added to our standard IR glow tape to create a unique patch. These patches have a very different function which must be understood before deciding if these patches are what you need for your operations. Combining the IR film with PL film brings together an active and a passive film. The PL film is active because it emits stored energy. The IR film is passive because it can not emit stored energy; it merely reflects energy that hits it. Before the Photo-luminescent film can work it must be charged for 20 to 60 minutes. The sun is the preferred source and the next best is any cool light, such as many fluorescent tubes. However, any light will work; just adjust the charge time as needed. This is how the patch works: 1st 20 minute period, the PL film on the patch is visible to the naked eye for 4 hours the PL film on the patch is visible through night vision goggles without illumination the IR film on the patch is always visible when illuminated with an IR source *Please note the times on the Photo-luminescent film are approximate depending on how the patch is used and amount of charge. Finally, users must adjust their SOP based on their understanding of the patches and time awareness. If you have any other questions about the use of IR+PL patches please contact me here. You are welcome to comment on this blog, or you can reach me at 443.292.8885 and tboyer@infraredtools.com. I would be happy to connect with you through social media... read more

Where’s Waldo, Airborne Version

We wanted to test the Hawk-i Markers™ to see if  a marked vehicle could be found in a crowded mall parking lot. A white truck was parked at the mall with a white 3″X12″ Hawk-i Marker™ on its roof. The helicopter flew to the mall and the TFO did not know where the vehicle was parked. The search occurred during the day in Florida from 2500 feet using a FLIR Star 230.   The TFO was able to locate the marked vehicle in less than 12 minutes!   We were very pleased, though not surprised, by this result. It is one thing to mark a single vehicle in a known location, and view a thermal character. It is something altogether different to not know where you are looking, and be able to find something. Improved Command and Control Hawk-i Markers™ are used to mark vehicles for faster identification by airborne personnel using a thermal imager. The markers appear to have a different temperature than the vehicle surrounding it for easy identification. This affect works during the day and night, allowing improved command and control 24X7. For more information about marking your vehicles using thermal imaging markers call us at 443.292.8885. Free samples available to qualifying inquires. Contact Form The Author     Tom established Infrared Tools™ in 2006, working out of his home for several years before growing into an official office space. As a veteran and engineer, Tom was led down a path to manufacturer quality infrared markers, insignia and targets for the military and law enforcement.  An innovator who is always moving forward to stay ahead of the industry, Tom has... read more

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